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2021-22 Varsity Sports Awards

By Athletic Department, 05/23/22, 1:15PM EDT


Last week the Athletic Department recognized award winners for the 2021-22 academic year. Athletic awards included the following: 

Mighty In Spirit, Most Valuable Player, Male Athlete of the Year, Female Athlete of the Year, Coach of the Year, Assistant Coach of the Year, Booster Club Scholarship Recipients, All Academic Team

Each team award winner was selected by their head coach.

Below are the list of award selections. Congratulations to all of our athletic award recipients! The award winners can also be found on the 2021-22 Varsity Sports Awards page of our Athletic website.

Men's Cross Country Most Valuable Player Jacob Stanton
Women's Cross Country Mighty in Spirit Rebekah Ambrosius
Men's Football Most Valuable Player Brian Lafrance
  Mighty in Spirit John Joseph Keiley
Men's Golf Most Valuable Player Dalton Moore
  Mighty in Spirit Brandon Tibbs
Women's Golf Most Valuable Player Savanna Altman
  Mighty in Spirit Sienna Sossi
Women's Volleyball  Most Valuable Player Allison Moore
  Mighty in Spirit Lauren Miller
Men's Basketball Most Valuable Player Jermaine Hunter
  Mighty in Spirit Conner Hoffman
Women's Basketball Most Valuable Player Kyra Geoffrion
  Mighty in Spirit Rebekah Malone
Women's Soccer Most Valuable Player Gia Vastola
  Mighty in Spirit Menden Marburger
Men's Soccer Most Valuable Player Mateo Colamarco
  Mighty in Spirit Travis Gould
Men's Wrestling Most Valuable Player Bobby Campbell
  Mighty in Spirit Logan Fisher
Men's Baseball Most Valuable Player Jack Weisman
  Mighty in Spirit Ben Dulin
Women's Swimming Most Valuable Player Carly Meinke
  Mighty in Spirit Rebekah Malone
Men's Swimming Most Valuable Player Clayton Pinera
  Mighty in Spirit Noah Brown
Men's Lacrosse Most Valuable Player Keegan Southard
  Mighty in Spirit Michael Gioffre
Men's Tennis Most Valuable Player Justin Bench
  Mighty in Spirit Mateo Fiz
Women's Tennis Most Valuable Player Brianna Marano
  Mighty in Spirit Nina Orozco
Men's Track & Field Most Valuable Player Joe Licata
  Mighty in Spirit Dylan Webb
Women's Track & Field Most Valuable Player Ada Robinson
  Mighty in Spirit Amalia Rimes


Female Athlete of the Year Gia Vastola
Male Athlete of the Year Brian Lafrance
Booster Club's Coach of the Year Kevin Shaw
Assistant Coach of the Year Diane Beach
Booster Club's Scholarship - female Caroline Byrd
Booster Club's Scholarship -male Isaiah Petree
All Academic Team   
 9th Grade Luke Winters
  Lindsay Cox
10th Grade Matthew Ragan
  Juliana Tibbs
11th Grade Matthew Summers
  Rose Bezilla
12th Grade Isaiah Petree 
  Caroline Byrd